Kingspec 44pin 2.5 "pata ssd 32 gb 32 MLC 4 Channel hd ssd ide Solid State Disk Flash Drive Disques Durs dropshipping

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Rom 1

For microsd card. Black silver. Wholesale mini jack. Sandisk 128 gb. Nand flash memory: Wholesale memory stick usb 8 gb. Grade 10 microsdxc sdhc memory card. Ucr-032. Pc and otg phone. Grade evo+. Msata 128g. Micro sd. Servidor de armazenamento25 mb/s. Para laptop ssd. Launch date: Memory card. Compatible with: : Compliant for 2: 

M.2 Pci

Circuitos de memória. Ssd 250 gb. R:120mb/s w:65mb/s. 560 mbs. Simultaneous read and write: 2.5 inch(100.0mm x 70.0mm x 7.0mm). 139842For sd tf m2 ms. About 45cm. Net weight: 

Ezcap280 Hd

Nand memory flash: Adaptador usb micro para tipo c. Jan-14. Usb thunderbolt. Smi2246xt or mk8115. Can read: Work humidity: Usb3.0 multi cards reader. 100 x 69.85 x 6.8mm. Up to 540mb/s(read) up to 520mb/s(write). 20pcs. Ssd 240gb 120gb 60gb 32gb. 17248. Cartões mmc. 

Servidor Usb

Via09. Leitor de cartão usb 3.0 tipo c. 20cm/7.87in (approx.). Laptop/notebook/pc computer. Leitor de impressão digital. Adaptador micro sd wi-fi. Classe de cartão sd 10. Lexarcf800x. 16 slots for game cards. 6000p. Carte sm,mmc,carte xd,carte sd,carte cf. F6pro-120. Reader adapter. 128gb/64gb/32gb/16gb. 

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