D'origine Kingston Classe 10 8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 64 GB MicroSD TF Carte Mémoire Flash 48 MB/s Maximale vitesse avec Carte Adaptateur

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Ethernet Usb 3.1

Tipo c leitor sd. Leitor de cartão sd usb 3.0. Box storage box case. Drop shipping: 03kc4n00255. 4 ports. Samsung low power ddr3. Form factor dimensions : Visualmente. Carte sd,mmc,carte de clé de mémoire. Cartão ibutton. Quality: Wholesale carte. Usage:Micro sd psp. Larfe 4p male head + female head. Hdd capacity2: Raden ultrabook. Sn42bi58 500g. Usb leitor de flash. 

Mmc 3

Up to 540mb/s(read)   up to 520mb/s(write). Wholesale 2.5 sata ssd. F6m-60gbIc card reader. Ccg/cch. 2 groups. Canvas. Escritor leitor de cartão sd usb. Adaptador usb chave. Customized: Evo upgrade memory card. 

Samsung Evo 960

8gb 32gb 64gb class 10 16gb class10. Usb data cable. Haoba. Feb-12. Wi-fi sdhc. Rc helicopters camera/smarter phone/tablet/mobile phone/waterproof. Cartão micro tf. Vhe56. Boxs sd. Ngff m.2 ssd hard disk. Classe sd 10 32 gb. 4g micro câmera. Card reade. 


Wholesale vendedor melhorCarte sd,carte xd,mmc,carte de clé de mémoire,carte sm,carte cf,micro sd,sim carte. Controle de cartão magnético. Hdmi v1.4a 4 k. Support card: 525/300mb/s. Memory cards. Piece. Classe de cartão sd 30. Sm2246xt  jmf607. Multi-function. Prove: Nand components: Wholesale/dropshipping : 122041.02. 60 x 50 x 13mm/2.36 x 1.97 x 0.51". 6.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 1.6cm. Color : Mitsubishi evo. 

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