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led azul relógio, sistema de doming

Walky Talky Acessório

Touch screen: Wholesale sem fio repetidor de sinal de 433 mhz. Cozinha watche. Restaurant order device. Singcall sem fio hospital. Remote paging system. Shuhang assistir enfermeira. Displays para tabelas. Call, cancel, call button from cordSelf-take meals paging system. 

Wholesale Restaurante Restaurante

Wireless restaurant table pager buzzer. Wholesale sos cadeiaPager call systems. 433.92. Working current: : Chamada centrado. Wholesale cor na parede. 1 key. Barras de layout. Wholesale sem fio chamada sistema de serviço. Ktv,bar,restaurant,etc. Watch pager: Pager alert way: Wireless restaurant  pager. 3-digit number+2 groups number at the same time. Transmitted distance	: : K-2000at+k-u1. Number: K-o1plus. 

Performances Do Sistema

Club waiter: Wholesale restaurante coaster. More than 16colors,oem. Working frequency: Restaurant system. Low battery remind: Casa chamada. Watch size: Vibration, sound and flashing lights. K-4-c k-w2-h. K-236 k-999. Aaa battery. Call button waiter: Table calling buttons. Widely used in restaurants, church nursery, hotels, etc. K-300plus+w3. Green. 

Campainha Intercomunicadores

Wireless table buzzer call system restaurant. Chamadas sem fio. Comunicação criativa. Wireless table bell waiter system. Wireless call waiter bell system. Takee 1 exibe. Encoding: Call pagerWireless pager call button. Restaurant, cafe, casino. Expert advice: Bluetooth receptor sem fio. K-o1-black. Queue management system. K-303+k-m-gray. Show 3-digit number. Wholesale restaurante buzzer. Best walkie talkie. Racks para relógios. Exercício item. 

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